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The Land Belongs To UsHector Gannet

27 January 2023 sees Hector Gannet release their second album ‘The Land Belongs To Us’. The title is a line taken from the opening track Emmanuel Head (but also echoes a line within ‘All Hail All Glory’ from Hector Gannet’s first album Big Harcar) and is a statement which calls out to the listener. When Aaron Duff sings the line there’s a pleading tone which we just know is from the heart.

All of the songs on the album reflect the strong belief and feeling within that title, echoing a deep love of nature and a longing for parity and respect among people. Below is an overview of the album by Aaron Duff, the songwriter working as Hector Gannet…

“..the album as a whole has an overriding sense of appreciation for the small things in life, whilst exploring their relation to bigger issues.

An attempt to understand the human condition, learning from the things we so readily and regularly take for granted. It reflects a reinvigorated outlook, being reinspired by the world we live in and understanding our place within in it. In many ways it is a re-evaluation of priorities.

Though partly written during the darkest days of the pandemic, this should in no way be seen as a ‘lockdown’ record, although themes of that nature are somewhat apparent, for me there is a kind of ‘reset’ feel to it. It’s a reaction to the past, of lessons learned, a questioning and realisation of the present, and an expression of concern, yet hopefulness, for the future.

Ultimately I believe there is a positive message to be taken from the record. Humanity is at the heart of it all, in every sense of the word.”
Aaron Duff

Big HarcarHector Gannet

Big Harcar looks set to propel Hector Gannet from local cult status in North East England to the wider audience the band fully deserves. Album of the Year? Undoubtedly. Louder Than War
As debut records go, the whole thing feels admirably comfortable in its own skin; an endearing new voice that swells as powerfully as the choppy seas that so pertinently shaped it. GoldFlakePaint
Deeply historical, poetic and layered in modernised folk structures, Big Harcar is a masterful album in both composition and theme. NARC.
With a sound informed by windswept landscapes of English geography and history that’s become an unfortunate rarity. The Soundboard
A terrifically thought provoking and captivating album. Maximum Volume Music